The Liverpool City Region incorporates Liverpool and the surrounding areas, which are economically influenced by the city. The Liverpool City Region Collective Switch is supported by Halton Council, Knowsley Council, Liverpool City Council, Sefton Council, St Helens and Wirral Council.

Yes! The aim of the Merseyside Collective Switch is to reduce the energy bills of people living within the region. However, if you live outside the region, you can still join our collective switch.

Yes. There are no costs involved in joining the Merseyside Collective Switch.

You can register to join the Collective Switch at any time. You need to be registered in order to have access to the exclusive Collective Switch tariffs.

If you don’t have an email address, you can join the Merseyside Collective Switch by calling the Save Energy Advice Line, delivered by Energy Projects Plus, on 0800 043 0151. Our advisors will take your details over the phone.

We’ll be back in touch with you to let you know about the special offers we’ve negotiated with suppliers on your behalf and to tell you how much you could save.

After you have accepted the offer, it will take 6-8 weeks to switch energy provider. Our switching partner energyhelpline will look after the whole switching process for you.

You will be asked to provide details of your current tariff and energy use. This will be accurately compared to the collective switch offers in order to give you a personalised comparison. Your current tariff will also be compared to others on the market so you can find the tariff that’s right for you. We are committed to giving transparent, personalised advice and the choice to switch is always yours.

No, our switching partner energyhelpline will do almost everything for you. They will notify your current supplier that you’re leaving, and let the new supplier know you want to switch to them. All you have to do is provide a meter reading to the supplier of your new tariff when the switch goes live.

If you are on a fixed term contract and you want to switch, you may have to pay a penalty fee for ending your contract early. You should check with your current supplier what their terms and conditions are.

Even if there is a penalty fee, you may wish to join the Collective Switch to see what deals are available. If your savings are greater than your penalty fee it may be worth changing anyway.

If you are a prepayment meter customer, you can switch if you have debts of £500 or less to your current supplier. If you are a credit meter customer this will vary by supplier and payment method, so you will need to contact your current supplier before you switch.

If you are in debt to your current supplier, and haven’t spoken to them about your debt, you should contact them as soon as possible to discuss repayment options. Alternatively, you could contact a local debt advice agency.

If you’re in credit when you switch, your old provider is required to give you the money that you are owed.

Yes. We are aiming to offer deals that will be suitable for pre-payment meter customers, so if you have a pre-payment meter you are welcome to join the Merseyside Collective Switch.

We will be approaching the following companies:

So Energy
EDF Energy
Octopus Energy
British Gas
Green Network Energy
Bristol Energy
Scottish Power
Shell Energy
E.On Energy
OVO Energy
Toto Energy
Zebra Power
Avro Energy

If you have any questions, you can speak to an advisor by calling the Save Energy Advice Line, delivered by Energy Projects Plus, on 0800 043 0151.

No. You are not under any obligation to switch your supplier at this stage. You are simply registering your interest to receive information about the Merseyside Collective Switch. If you decide to register for the collective switch, we will send you details about the offers we have negotiated on behalf of the group. After you have been notified of the offers, and have checked to see how much you could save, you can then decide if you want to switch your tariff, or not. It’s up to you.

The Merseyside Collective Switch is organised by Wirral-based charity, Energy Projects Plus, and supported by Halton Council, Knowsley Council, Liverpool City Council, Sefton Council, St Helens Council, Wirral Council and Virdis.

Energy Projects Plus is a non for profit organisation. We will receive a payment from our switching partner, energyhelpline for every successfully completed switch. This payment will be used to cover the costs of running the collective switch scheme. Any revenue generated over and above the cost of running the scheme will be reinvested in a future collective switch or into other initiatives designed to reduce fuel poverty or improve domestic energy efficiency in Merseyside.

We will collect your details for the purpose of the collective switch.  Your details will not be shared with any organisation outside of the collective switch.