Go Green with the Merseyside Collective Switch

September 17, 2019

To celebrate the Liverpool City Region’s Year of Environment, we’re asking you to Go Green! and switch to a green energy tariff with the Merseyside Collective Switch.

Run by local charity Energy Projects Plus, in partnership with your local authority, the Merseyside Collective Switch uses the power of the group to negotiate cheap energy tariffs, available exclusively to its members. Anyone can join and it’s completely free.

If the winning tariffs aren’t right for you, we will help you find one that is. Plus, by switching with the Merseyside Collective Switch, you will be helping to support charity Energy Projects Plus, who work with local people who are vulnerable to the cold or living in fuel poverty.

The Merseyside Collective Switch has been running since 2013. Together, we’ve helped local people save £1.5 million on their energy bills.

This year, we’re asking you to think about going green. Most of the larger suppliers now offer green tariffs, which means they use renewable energy sources such as wind power, rather than fossil fuels.


Alan Jemmett, Director, Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service said:

“Collective switching is a great opportunity for securing a greener energy supplier and giving communities an opportunity to save on bills and avoid fuel poverty.

Year of Environmental Action for the Liverpool City Region is delighted to partner this initiative. Sustainable Energy is one of our themes for 2019. By switching energy and using it wisely you can make a personal contribution to climate emergencies.

Why not, as part of YOE2019LCR pledge to switch to a sustainable energy supplier? #iwill4yoe at yoe2019lcr.org.uk



Switching your energy tariff with the Merseyside Collective Switch is both quick and easy, and it could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Whether you’re a savvy or reluctant switcher, it’s always worth shopping around to check if you’re on the best deal. If you haven’t switched recently you may be on your suppliers most expensive standard tariff. You may find a better deal elsewhere or even with your existing supplier.

The winning tariffs have often been the cheapest on the market. Previous winners have included Big 6 suppliers such as British Gas, E.on, SSE and EDF Energy as well as Ovo and Green Energy.
Offers have been included for prepayment meter (or pay as you go) customers as well as direct debit and pay on receipt of bill customers, so there’s something for everyone.

The Merseyside Collective Switch also includes a full market comparison, so if the winning deals aren’t right for you, you can find one that is.
The service is free, and there’s no obligation to switch if you decide not to.

Registration for this round closes on 10th October. We will then contact you to let you know about the deals that have been negotiated for the group.

To join the Collective Switch visit www.lcrenergyswitch.co.uk/join-the-switch/
or call the local Save Energy Advice Line on freephone 0800 043 0151, where you can also get other free and impartial support to help you save energy at home.

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